Orzum, Arash of Reclamation

Orzum, first scion of the Godhead Aros, has long sought the unification of the mortal realms by Reclamation (the act of ordained conquest.) Tireless and unyielding, Orzum’s many campaigns against the heathen realms have expanded the Empire’s borders and swelled the leagion’s ranks. With the Godhead Aros missing, and the Empire in crisis, all eyes have fallen to the zealous Arash. In the shadow of the Empty Throne, Orzum has steeled his people for one last campaign, one that will reforge Q’rath, spread the faith by fire and shield across creation. The Legions of Reclamation are resolved; they will break before they yield to any lesser destiny.


Pillars of the Heavens


War room

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Pray not that the journey is easy; build strength instead.

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