The Q’rath Empire’s foundation delivered Shael from ruin. Under the watchful eye of angels, the land was reclaimed. Farms and olive groves were wrestled away from salted wastes and villages became cities, their towers rising to praise the winged skies. Roads spread across the continent of Ira, and with them, the Imperial Legions, for the angels were unwavering in their commitment to protecting creation from mortal folly.

All beings would be brought into the fold, by force if necessary. One by one, feudal kingdoms across the Ira continent rose in defiance, then fell before the unyielding might of Q’rath and their transcendent masters. Army after army broke upon a sea of pitiless towershields, their champions smote by angelic fire.

Under Aros, The Guiding Throne, the First and Greatest Arash, GOD of the Q’rath, the Empire would rule across Ira’s every coast. The people of the empire flourished, settling across war-torn Ira, determined to reclaim the wounded land, to convert the suffering heathen, to share the joy and bounty of Angelic wisdom. As the people prospered, so too did the angels. Beings of pure energy, they waxed in their strength, nourished by the endless tithes, prayers, and hymns of the faithful.

As the Q’rath celebrated its first millennium, Shael’s complete conquest seemed inevitable, its annexation a formality prescribed by destiny. The empire had gained a dozen footholds on distant lands, held seven states in servitude, and boasted a level of wealth rivaled only by the ancient powers. Aros, The Throne of Q’rath grew quiet, saying only “The greatest trials still lie ahead, and we are not yet ready.”

Sure enough, the legion’s efforts faltered in foreign lands, the client states once submissive, rose in revolt, supported by distant powers and profane technologies. The empire’s reserves of food and material, once boundless, became strained, its forces divided across three continents.

Today, two-centuries later, the Empire stands at the precipice of collapse, its Godhead Aros missing, its legions stretched dangerously thin, and heretical movements burn across the heartland as wildfire. Once nurturing, the angels have become harsh keepers of the sacred law.

Now, all eyes rest on the gateways. The Empire’s remaining archangels have delivered a holy decree, a Shar’Ora, a holy war requiring the total and complete mobilization of the Empire’s dwindling reserves. Some sixty-percent of the nation’s manpower is to be dedicated to the Legion. For the first time in a thousand years, the Angels will take to the skies as they did during the founding, drowning the horizon in their sacred light. Q’rath must be re-founded, its former glory renewed, its Godhead restored to the Empty Throne.



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