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Our Mission

Since 2010, the esports market has entered a period of accelerated growth. It is projected to double by 2019, reaching a market value of 1.1 billion. League of Legends, the largest esport on earth in terms of players and viewers, boasted 360 million hours of viewership at their 2015 tournament, higher than the Super Bowl. The esports industry has left behind its niche origins and is becoming mainstream.

Real Time Strategy (RTS) games founded esports as we know it today thanks to it's easy-to-watch nature. That dominance didn't last: a new generation of titles pioneered greater accessibility, a social focus, and free-to-play monetization. This powerful method has become the norm in esports titles across the industry, but no esports RTS has integrated those features. 

SunSpear Games was formed as a collaboration of RTS community design teams with a uniting goal to build better esports. We are  modernizing the esports RTS genre by building the first social, accessible, free-to-play esports caliber experience. 


Our Product

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IMMORTAL combines social, accessible, free-to-play design with the competitive excellence and visual clarity of Real Time Strategy genre. Players assume the role of an ‘Immortal’, a powerful commander who leads their faction into battle. To win, players must forge alliances, build armies, seize territory, and battle their human or AI opponents.

Built Social

IMMORTAL’s team-focused experience encourages players to connect on and off the battlefield. The faction design supports teamwork, and game maps reward interaction and strategy. The social interface allows players to chat, watch streams, and form clans. Players can earn renown for themselves and their clan by participating in cooperative challenges and tournaments. IMMORTAL’s extensive support of player versus AI modes and treasure collection ensure non-competitive gamers can join up with their friends for hours of fun. With a social experience pervading every level, players will want to invite their friends into this world.  


Accessible and Deep

Stress points are exit points for casual gamers. IMMORTAL’s unified command card and innovative control scheme delivers accessibility without sacrificing depth. By establishing simplified and nuanced control methods, casual players can control armies easily and the full potential of professional players is unlocked. This enables the game to be easy to learn, but challenging to master. Whereas old RTS games require stressful and repetitive tasks to reach the core experience, IMMORTAL removes or automates these actions, focusing play around teamwork, decisions, and interacting with the map and their opponents. 

Four years of research, development, and testing have culminated in gameplay that is both accessible and deep. The experimental phase is complete and IMMORTAL is ready for the next stage of production.


Esports Endorsements

-Brandon "puCK" Qual
“In my experience of playing real-time strategy for over a decade, I can tell you that this is not like any other. IMMORTAL is being designed by creative, experienced, and passionate real time strategy professionals. They decrypt the wants and needs of the pro gamer, and IMMORTAL offers a real action packed experience while scrapping the hard labor of the real-time strategy genre.”

-Brandon "puCK" Qual

Gold Series International Semifinalist

“The game is very fun. The design emphasizes very heavily on the most fun aspects of an RTS in a very smooth way. At the same time, there was lots of room for mastery. I think this game has the potential to surpass StarCraft 2 and WarCraft 3 in terms of playability and longevity in high level as well as casual play.”

-Stefan "MorroW" Andersson

Intel Extreme Masters Champion

“IMMORTAL succeeds in making the RTS genre more accessible by removing the most troublesome mechanics that new players struggle with. The competitive scene is built on the shoulders of the casual scene. This game can please both newcomers to the genre and long time veterans.

-Kevin "qxc" Riley

Intel Extreme Masters Finalist