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Business Leadership


Ron Zargoza

Head of Business Development


Ian Hunt



Ron Zaragoza is a game industry veteran and entrepreneur. He brings a unique perspective to SunSpear Games having fulfilled a broad range of roles over the last 12 years. 

Ron started with SEGA of America, 1995, in Third Party Licensing where he worked directly with and supported over 50 game publishers. His creative background and a passion for gaming lead him to San Francisco where he led the creative team at Ubisoft. Therehe created digital art assets, packaging, marketing collateral, retail and tradeshow displays for several AAA titles. He was then hired by Sony Computer Entertainment America (now SIE) to manage its Creative Department, where he worked with counterparts at Sony Europe and Sony Japan to establish the global PlayStation brand Standards and Guidelines. To achieve this, in addition to the daily duties of art direction and managing designers, artists, and vendors, he collaborated with PlayStation Brand Marketing, Licensing and Legal. 

Following his corporate tour of duty, he launched and co-founded several successful creative consulting agencies Blue Fog Design, Switchblade Creative Studios, LLC and Ron Zaragoza Creative working with clients such as EA, LucasArts, Sony Pictures, PlayStation, Capcom, Tecmo/KOEI, WalMart, Target, Toys-R-US, LeapFrog and GE Money.

Ian Hunt’s passion with RTS stretches back to Brood War as a content creator. In addition to games, Ian is driven by the potential of disruptive projects. Seven years ago, Ian co-founded Authentic Cards, a Souvenir Distribution and Manufacturing company where he served as the North American Sales and Marketing Director.  Ian combined game design passion with entrepreneurial experience to found Anvil Studios, a project that would lead him to co-found SunSpear Games. His leadership has attracted industry veterans into SunSpear Games, and reflects Ian’s desire to challenge conventional wisdom in the entertainment industry.


Development Leadership

andy's terrible photo.jpg

Andy Hieke

Executive Producer


Joseph Waters

Engineering Lead


In 1981, Andrew Hieke founded Terminal Software, a software publisher and later Binary Design Limited, focusing on software development with three studios in Manchester and Bristol, UK. In 1993, Hieke joined Microprose Limited as Development Director and worked on numerous titles including Formula One Grand Prix and X-Com. Spectrum Holobyte acquired Microprose in 1995 and Hieke was promoted to Development Director at Spectrum’s head office in Alameda, California, overseeing Star Trek, Top Gun and the Falcon brands.

 As President of Production, Hieke co-founded PostLinear Entertainment, a San Francisco based development company that developed card games for the Imagination Network and pioneering multiplayer online games, Ten-Six and Vigilance for SEGA's Heat.Net.

 In 1998, Hieke co-founded the Redmond-based Nintendo Software Technology Corporation, the first US based development studio on the Nintendo campus.

 In 2000, Hieke was General Manager and Senior Vice President of Atari’s Humongous Entertainment studio, working with titles in the Backyard Sports franchise, the number one sports brand for children. Andy founded Nimbus Games in 2009, developing and publishing games on Facebook and mobile platform including licensed IP from Atari, Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam and Spy Fox.

Andrew Hieke holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics from the University of Salford, England.

Joseph Walters is a product and customer driven technology leader with 25 years of experience in the gaming industry. A software engineer and serial entrepreneur, Joseph was one of the founding members and CTO of Third Track, where he led multiple teams developing game and simulation products across multiple platforms. Before Third Track, Joseph was a field engineer with Unity Technologies working directly with customers such as NASA, Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, and all branches of the US Military to solve complex engineering problems. He was CEO/CTO for the massive multiplayer online world of Gatheryn where he led the fundraising efforts and managed the 50 person studio. Joseph was a founding member, partner and CTO at at the hugely-successful Skunk Studios where he developed consistent award-winning games. He is well known in video game and software development circles as someone who can get software running, on budget, and on time.


Before forming Skunk Studios, Joseph was a senior engineer at, where he brought many titles to online gamers. Throughout his career he was worked on projects for classic arcade games like Ultimate Tetris to massive multiplayer online role playing games like Gatheryn to virtual reality product simulators.


Design Leadership


Travis Toler

Gameplay Lead


Dylan Kahn

Creative Lead


Travis has been building communities and content in the RTS genre for 19 years. Travis was lead designer for StarBow, the most popular mod in StarCraft 2. StarBow earned critical acclaim across the StarCraft 2 community, garnering support from industry titans like John “Totalbiscuit” Bain, Nick “Tasteless” Plott, and Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski. The enthusiasm for StarBow spurred a series of tournaments by industry professionals, showcasing the mod’s rich gameplay and design. Travis’s contributions to the scene moved Blizzard to incorporate many of StarBow’s design elements into Legacy of the Void, the final expansion for StarCraft 2.

Dylan Kahn is a Creative Lead with six years of direct experience in esports design. Dylan founded and lead development in the OneGoal project to maximise StarCraft 2’s esport potential. After the mod’s success, Dylan joined Recloak Interactive as a Creative Designer, and later became a writer for Skywind. Dylan currently leads IMMORTAL’s creative teams in content creation and world building.

colter portrait.png

Colter Hochstetler

User Experience Lead


Geoff Robinson

Caster, Design Consultant


Colter developed “DarkGrid” and collaborated on “The Core”,  optimal performance tools used by professional gamers around the world to this day. A co-founder of the OneGoal Community project, Colter has used his experience to create the criteria-based design principles, enabling rapid iteration and refinement. This design system has played a major role in the success of the IMMORTAL prototype, which has been enthusiastically endorsed by esports professionals and key community members.

Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson is a professional StarCraft II and former Brood War player from the United States. In addition to being a player, iNcontroL is one of the biggest community figures in the North American StarCraft scene. After co-founding the professional StarCraft coaching website, Gosu Coaching with his fellow Evil Geniuses teammates, Geoff has established himself as a major figure in the strategy game community as a skilled shout-caster and streaming personality.


Community Leadership


Thomas Labonte 

UI Lead
Community Manager


Theodor Mikkelsen

Balance Designer
Esports Community Manager


Thomas, with Colter, created the first iteration of “TheCore” optimal control system for RTS, and lead the team through continued development and marketing for the past 4 years.  In that time, he has served as a producer and on-camera talent for Machinima’s “Inside Esports”, lead the “Legacy of the Void Custom: Fan Alpha” project,  and provided accessibility and quality of life solutions to Starcraft 2, many of which have been adopted by Blizzard.  For IMMORTAL, Thomas is an ambassador for the casual player base, in User Interface, System Design, and Community Management.

Theodor "Theo" Mikkelsen is a former professional StarCraft II player and Counter-Strike 1.6 player. Besides endeavours in e-sports, he worked with BetaDwarf, an indie Game Development studio in Denmark and was credited for his balance and design contributions privately and publicly, in the StarCraft II community, including back and forths with the core Blizzard StarCraft II team. Theodors ability to merge high level multiplayer systems design with modern game design philosophies is key to the development of IMMORTAL.